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COVID-19 Arrangements

The information below describes the adaptations we are making in response to the current public health situation.  The information is also available on the appropriate pages on the main school website, but is shared below for your convenience.  Our full risk assessment for COVID-19 can be found in general information below. 

Absence or Closure Due to COVID-19

Absence due to bubble closure

School is currently closed to the following groups.  Students in these groups should stay at home and self-isolate until the date shown below.  If a student is part of more than one group below, then they should self-isolate until the later date shown.

Group Name Self-Isolate From Final Day of Self-Isolation  First Day Back in School


Please find below information on our education provision for groups of students that the school have asked to self-isolate:

Arrangements for individual students who are self-isolating

Day 1 of self-isolation:

  • Inform the school of your child’s absence in the usual way using the absence function in EduLink One. Please explain that your child needs to self-isolate due to coronavirus.
  1. Check the school procedure for reporting a coronavirus absence in the document below.
  2. Arrange the appropriate coronavirus test for those in the household who require one.
  3. Start to prepare for a period of School at Home. Your child will need your support to get started. Click on the link to find guidance on School at Home for individual students.

School at Home for Students Self-Isolating

If your child is currently self-isolating, then please click on the link to find guidance on School at Home for individual students.

This guide will provide you with further information and links to supporting documentation.

General Information

School Day Structures by Year Group

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