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We expect that all students will arrive at school each day and at every lesson with the correct equipment.

To ensure that we are always Ready to Learn:

  • We have a complete set of basic equipment in a pencil case;
  • We pack our bags the night before school, using our timetables to check we have the exercise books, textbooks and other equipment we need;
  • We complete homework on time and bring it to lessons;
  • We unpack all equipment when we arrive and keep it in a neat pile in the corner of our desk.

Basic Equipment List

Students should bring the following equipment to school with them every day and unpack it on their desk in each registration and lesson:

  • a pencil case;
  • two pens;
  • a pencil;
  • a ruler;
  • a rubber;
  • a scientific calculator;
  • a reading book.

Basic equipment checks will take place regularly during registration. Students can purchase all basic equipment from Student Services.