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Parents' Evenings

Virtual parents’ evenings

Parents’ evenings this term will be virtual.  

Year 9 parents evening will be taking place on Wednesday 27th January and bookings for appointments will be opening on Wednesday 13th January at 7am.

Year 10 parents evening will take place on Thursday, 4th February and bookings for appointments will be opening on Friday, 22nd January at 7am.

When the booking system is open you will receive an email, usually 2 weeks beforehand. This will explain how bookings can be made.

Parents’ evening dates for the rest of the year groups will be published soon. It is likely that these appointments will also be virtual, but this will all be reviewed as we get further guidance from the government.

Making and attending appointments

We will be using Edulink to make the appointments and the appointments will be via video calls. 

Please login to EduLink One either via the app or the https://www.edulinkone.com/#!/login?code=kts 

  • If using the app, please look for the Parents’ Evening option  
  • If using the website, click on More  then the Parents Evening option  will be listed.
  • Click on Parents’ Evening and the Year 9 Parents’ Evening will appear.
  • Click on the Year 9 Parents’ Evening to open it and you will see the booking schedule for the subjects that your son/daughter studies. Click on the available time slot that you would like to book and then click ‘Book’.
  • If you are having issues accessing EduLink One please email admin@ktemplar.herts.sch.uk